Attention Business Owners & Local Consultants

A Classic Technology Revival Is Changing The Way Your Agency Or Business Sells, Communicates & Profits Forever!

#1 Do You Know?

Businesses have forgotten about the personal touch when dealing with their customers needs.  It all boils down to one simple thing....Communication.

Yeah, all the hype being sold to them now are bots, phone menu's & social media
This is more detrimental to the business than you will ever know!

#2 Do You Know?

Millennial customers are more inclined not to contact businesses via phone for conversation, instead they will find another medium.

We have all see these folks right, drones that sit at a restaurant messaging each other over the table! 
That's right, today's customer would rather text you than call you.  With texting the customer feels more control over their buying habits vs getting sold on something they dont want via phone call.

#3 Do You Know?

Businesses are inundated with various methods to generate & communicate with customers but they have abandoned the most powerful tool that has been around for decades

Yep, your selling them a lot of pipe dreams!   This makes you a victim too!
Its time to go back to basics with a huge spin that will change the way you sell!

#4 Do You Know?

A customer who texts a business are 4 times more likely, versus any other communication method, to buy a product.  In fact, our studies have shown 1 in 3 will buy no matter how expensive the product is! 

We have 1000's of client using text chat, web chat and chat bots.  The numbers tell the whole story.
Yes, you will see more tire kickers with web chat and messenger.  Making your advertising 4X less effective.

At Some Point You Have To Take A Stand AND.....


And We're The Experts Here To Help You DO IT!



Can be your story!

We have sold 1000's of businesses our world class chat solution privately for years.  We have even got some attention from major SMS Wholesale players that wanted to package our solution to make their company more valuable for a multi-million dollar acquisition.

Imagine 10 of the most brilliant minds at a multi-million dollar company, sitting at a 30ft long Ebony table, telling you they have never seen anything so amazing in their life and begging you for a deal.  That was us!

We came away from that show & tell webinar so proud!  We thought about it and became a SMS Wholesale player ourselves instead!

We took our business model from 37% profit margin to 97.7% profit margin literally overnight.  It became so profitable it opened a whole new "paradigm" in selling services to businesses.

What is this new paradigm in selling services to businesses?

"We we used to call it our very own slot machine, only we win on every spin.
Put in 3 cents in it shoots out 99 cents over and over and over." - Bill Beard

  • Benefit #1: Offer the product for FREE to your existing clients.  Since the costs to run a chat account is negligible.  You become a true HERO offering a product with  a high perceived value.  Also give this away to your clients who are not happy with other products you have sold them.  This can work as an "I'm Sorry" gift or a second chance to earn trust that somehow you damaged previously.
  • Benefit #2: Offer the product for FREE packaged with another service you are trying to sell.  Because the perceived value is so high it makes your other service more enticing.
  • Benefit #3: Offer this product for a FREE trial to win a new clients trust.  Free trial can be 30, 60 or 90 days, then start billing month to month or year to year.   Once they use it they will be hooked.  When you finally decide to sell it the business owner would of already made the $$ to pay for it for years to come.
  • Benefit #4: Sell the product from the get go.  Because your costs are negligible you can sell the service from $10/mo to $500/mo.  YES, we have hundreds of clients paying us $500 a month for this valuable business solution.

No other business model can boast this even including your invested time!!

About The Product TxTDash

Everyone in the marketing agency space is familiar with SMS/text message marketing.  Most all have heard of 2-way text messaging but could not justify a reason to sell it due to SMS costs and never knowing if they were going to be profitable the end of the month.

Every Business Should Be Using 2-way Texting!

In today's age of agency marketing there is this new infatuation with automation, robots & social media.  All of these are great for certain outreach but at the end of the day the customers privacy is thrown out the door with social and the humanity is taken out of the sales process with bots.  From our studies with 1000's of client we learned, customers want to text message and the customer is not a tire kicker, rather a buyer.

You Don't Like Call Automation & Bots....Soooo....
Why Would Your Clients Customers Like It?

Funny how true that is, right?  Would you rather be sent through constant menu's and questions to find your self back at square one or be able to text in your question and get a response back right away?  It's very clear which medium is the correct to use, the powers that be are trying to change the narrative that these newer mediums of communication are better than classic text messaging.  The real truth exposed is its better for THEM not for YOU or your clients customers.  Don't sell out your reputation as an agency or business.

Texting Is Still KING....Why Are You Selling Them Shiny New Objects Then?

Even today, like 10 or 20 years ago, 95% of text messages are still read within the 1st 5 minutes.  So....We ask again, why are you risking your businesses reputation with a new technology that sounded cool when you bought it from the person & who never sold a single business the product they made.

Time To Get Your Business Or Agency Back On Track And Start Your Clients Using 2-Way Text Messaging To Get More Sales!

For over 5 years we have been signing on our clients to a similar system with huge success.  We finally decided to take our successes to the online marketers who made all this possible in the past with all their ideas (Correct..most all products we made and sell are mostly made by folks just like you).  We have made a system that is tailored around a simple process to on-board new clients no matter what device you are using and to make the customer & chat agent experience instant, efficient & addictive.

TxTDash helps make any business Text Friendly. There are literally thousands of businesses who need to communicate better with their customers! Why struggle with inbound phone calls when many customers would rather text than talk. Sounds Crazy but its TRUE. You can offer any business a way to text enable their business number and start using business chat with customers today.

You can literally set up a business landline number to text in just a few minutes and have their website and system set up in less than a day. How many products allow you to set up such a huge game changer for businesses in just a few minutes. Normally it takes weeks to build up lists and set up programs. NOT with TxTDash, your customer can reap the benefits of Text Chat with their customers right away.

Think of the types of businesses you can sell this to and most times its one simple question that gets the business owner listening. "Is your business Text friendly?" Of course most everyone says No, then you can show them what a fantastic solution you have.

If you sign up now, you can test out how fast a landline number can be text enabled, Set yourself up as a test account and enable your own phone number! Its crazy simple. The even more beautiful thing is that 99% of all business phone numbers are landlines. The market for you is huge!

Great News For You! "Simple is still a good thing"

Here how it works in a nutshell.

STEP 1 - Set your client up in your reseller dashboard.
STEP 2 - Text enable your customers landline or add a regular DID into their account
STEP 3 - Have your customer publish that they are a text friendly business. For example on their website, digital ads, print, tv or radio. But definitely make sure they update their website. 
STEP 4 - Activate our chrome extension or windows push notifications for the company pc receiving the chats.

That’s it, your all done, a process that can take as little as 5 minutes to complete. From there our intuitive dashboard makes it simple for the customer to send, receive and manage customer conversations.

Selling businesses the service is even more simple with a few questions.
How would you like to make your business sms friendly?
Is your website Text Friendly?
Have you thought about using sms to build more sales?
Have you thought about text enabling your business number?
Have you seen any of your customers texting while in your store?
Did you know that you can sell your products by using sms on your website?
What would you say if you could increase your close rate by fourfold?

The Re-seller Smart Backoffice -> Unlimited Clients

This is where only YOU the reseller has access to create and edit locations

TxTDash locations dashboard allows you to see all the clients you have setup to use 2-way text chat and easy manage current locations.  With a click of a mouse send login to location admin and quick edit feature to change the most changed location information

TxTDash locations dashboard allows you to see current SMS usage with just a click of a mouse.  In the past SMS usage was scary to look at not anymore with our SMS Wholesale provider

TxTDash locations editor lets you setup/edit on any location on any device.  Enable and disable features you want clients to have or enable clients features they are paying you extra for.  Quickly deploy location phone numbers with the connected widget.

The Re-seller Smart Backoffice -> Unlimited Agents

This is where only YOU the reseller has access to create and edit location chat agents

TxTDash chat agents dashboard allows you to see/edit/disable all the agents your clients has setup.  You can pre-configure agents for the location or allow them to create their own on their dashboard.

TxTDash chat agents can be preconfigured with chat notification settings and hours of operation. 

The Re-seller Smart Backoffice -> SMS Packages

This is where only YOU the reseller has access to create and edit location packages

TxTDash package manager allows you to preset max agents a location can have, max keywords a location can use and max credits allowed to use for the location per month.  You can assign custom packages to specific locations or use the same package on several locations like a default package.

Re-seller Account, Training & Support Desk

This is where only YOU the reseller has access to edit settings and access comprehensive training.

TxTDash reseller account setting allows you to setup white label logos, support contact information for your business and the default credentials for creating locations.

TxTDash training center gives comprehensive tutorials on all aspects of the reseller center, location admin dash and agent advanced chat dashboard.   Search for training when you need it fast.  You will also find business flyers, pricing sheets, onboarding sheets and business model training.

TxTDash helpdesk is there when you need help.  Once you experience our stellar support you will expect that from every other support system with other companies.  We set the bar very high!

Business Owners Expect A Business Class Solution

TxTDash conveys to business owners they are in control of the business 2-way texting admin dashboard

TxTDash admin text chat dashboard where business owners can see all chat live as they happen updated every second of every day.

TxTDash admin text chat history dashboard is where business owners can see the status and chat agent assignment to each text chat.

TxTDash chat management dashboard allows business owners to see all agents, assign them to round robin leads and set notifications for customer incoming chats

TxTDash notification settings dashboard allows the business owner to set chat agents notification settings and hours of operation.

TxTDash text chat widget allows the business to deploy text chat buttons onto any website so customers can start texting with a click.  Business owners can also deploy product specific & agent specific chat buttons so chats can be routed to who can handle the chat by experience.

TxTDash comprehensive customer chat reports allows the business to have full SMS history with the customer for compliance purposes.  Because the system is versatile it can be customized to work with any niche.  Like we said EVERY business should be text chatting with their customers.

Chat Agents (employees) Expect A Quick Solution

TxTDash is made so chat agents are notified live for quick replies so the chat tasks don't interfere with day to day normal activities of the business employees (chat agents).

TxTDash advanced text chat dashboard is designed to be deployed on any device with a web browser.   Chat agents can customize the colors, Google font, verbal alerts and text shadows that meet their desires for ease of use.

Chat agents do have access to a similar dashboard as the admin.  They can choose to use the advanced chat dashboard so everything they are allowed to manage can be managed on just one page.  With just a few clicks the agents preferences are set instantly.

Chat Notifications....Whoa we got em covered!

We have designed the system so it is assured the chat agent can reply quickly no matter where they are in the world or what device they have access to.  Speed of replies to customers is paramount to getting the sale.  While web chat and fb messenger chat tend to carry the stigma of time wasting tire kickers we make sure text chat has the same speed and versatility of those other chat mediums.

Email To Chat Agent Notifications - An email is sent to the admin or chat agent with full details of the customer and a quick link to reply to the customer.  Works on all devices.

SMS To Chat Agent Notifications - Admin or chat agent will receive a text message that a new chat has been received.  The message will contain the customers information along with a quick link to reply from the chat agents mobile device.

Chrome Extension To Chat Agent Notifications - No matter where the admin or chat agent is browsing the internet and intrusive popin will appear on the webpage along with a loud alert.  The visual popin points to the widget to click to manage the chat.

Windows PC To Chat Agent Notifications - No matter what the admin or chat agent is doing on a windows pc an alert will appear that tells the agent a new chat reply or new text chat has occurred.  A simple click of the chat bubble takes the agent to instantly reply to the customer.

Advanced Dashboard To Chat Agent Notifications - When the admin or chat agent is using the advanced chat dashboard a popup and sound que will occur alerting of a new chat reply or new text chat received.  Alert sounds can be selected such as Verbal Alert, Bass Door Knock, Cat Meow, Dog Bark,  Bells and Pop.  These sounds occur on desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

In System To Chat Agent Notifications - No matter where the admin or agent is browsing in the main dashboard an in your face popup will appear when a new chat reply from the customer comes in.

Call Notification To Chat Agent Notifications - That's right!  Have a lazy chat agent that needs a kick in the butt to use the system?  Trust us there are a few people out there that are really old fashioned.  This will send them a call telling them to press one to start text chat with the customer.  On press of 1 the agent is sent the link to reply via SMS.

Additional Features & Functions
This Baby Has All The Bells & Whistles

4 Different ways a customer chat can be initiated.
#1 Text in Keyword to begin Chat #2 Simple text to number to begin chat #3 Chat Website Widget to begin chat #4 Agent initiates chat

Chat keyword management
Ability to assign location keywords that are used to start chat & push an offer simultaneously.  Keywords can also be used to route chat to specific agents.  Keyword QR codes allows you to put them in print media so a chat can be initiated from advertisements, flyers and more and the customer can receive a response via SMS or MMS picture.  Resellers can limit the number of allotted keywords to the location and upsell for additional keywords.

Customize system auto responders
Admin can configure system offline messages to customer, agent notification messages and opt-in messages.

SMS canned messages
Admin and agents can create canned message responses that goto the customer when they ask a question that is asked often.  This saves time for the chat agent.  Canned messages can also be shared with other agents when they are created by any agent.

Chat groups
When several agents share similar expertise in a department, they can be added to a chat group and see other agents chat that are assigned to the group.

Create and edit agents
Admin can add agents and edit agents to the system and assign them special duties.  Reseller can limit the number of agents that can be created by the admin and upsell for additional agents creating a new profit center.

Transfer chat
Chat agents can transfer chats to other agents.  When transferred, the chat appears in the agents dashboard & he/she is notified they have a transferred chat

Login as agent & see who is online
Location admin can see which agent is online chatting and login as the agent to see activity.

Round robin chat/leads
Everytime a new chat arrives it can be equally routed to agents in the round robin pool.

Advanced chat button builder and niche database mapping
With a few clicks of a button create buttons to use on websites so a customer can start chatting right away with an agent.  Our database mapping feature allows you to profile customer for any niche.

Agent phone masking
Admin can set the chat system to mask phone numbers of customers so agents cannot steal or sell leads.  Very good feature to have for agents that are new hires or virtual assistants.  Protects the business from potential loss sales.

Advanced dashboard can send delayed SMS/MMS
This can be used as a reminder service for appointments, payment reminders and more.   Ability to have recurring reminders adds alot of value to any business.  Missed appointments is a multi-billion dollar problem.

Advanced dashboard customer tagging
A great feature for every business to have.  This allows you to mark customers based on any criteria you want.  For example for service centers you can tag a customer as #INWAITINGROOM then when they checkout retagged as #PAIDINFULL.  Always know which tags are assigned with a simple search.

Advanced dashboard logical auto replies
You can assign keywords and when a customer texts in a logical keyword a specific message can be sent.  Similar to a bot it allows for quick handling of customer chats and customer routing.

No stone left up-turned we make sure all data can be accessed and downloaded for all practical uses including TCPA record keeping.

Get A Quick Overview Of The System In Action On Our Webinar To Be Held On Cyber Monday. December 2nd At 5PM EST

Who Are Your Potential Clients?

Every business will benefit from using our 2-way text chat.  If your focus is Chiropractors -> Get em!  Lawn Sprinkler Installers -> Get em!
Lawyers -> Get em!  Every business niche & we mean it!

About  TxTria Wholesale SMS

Our sister company!  TxTDash uses this service exclusively for affordable SMS delivery and phone number management.  The true KEY in being profitable with texting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay you for each business I bring to TxTDash? 
You pay us NOTHING!  As a TxTDash reseller you can sell an unlimited number of businesses.  Your only cost is for SMS Phone Number and SMS through our sister company  Their prices are so low you will be in profit near 97% on every account!
A doozie for you!  I talked to a client and they want to use their business landline phone number to send text chat to customers.  Did I just lose this sale?
No you just made a sale!  Our sister company can harness the SMS portion of any landline number in 5 seconds flat.  This means your client can use their vanity phone number or 800# to chat with their customers. only takes over billing for the SMS part of the number.  The businesses voice billing does not change.
I don't want to toot my own horn, but my sales skills are golden.  Is there a way to make more money on each location I set up?
Absolutely!  Along with charging your clients the cost for the general service, you can upsell chat agent seats, text chat keywords, landline number provisioning, SMS bundles and much more.... With high ticket clients you could walk away with a $500 - $600/mo client.  Believe it or not even at that price you are crushing the competition.  Your goal should always be to offer the best price as your overhead is near ZERO.  You will be able to stop a business from shopping around your service.
Straight up tell me the SMS costs per client, truth?
I know its really hard to believe that the costs are near zero for this.  Lets take a business with average usage and wholesale SMS costs accounted for.   So on average a business will use about 800 SMS per month; this is incoming and outgoing texts.  Right off the bat 400 of those SMS are FREE as all incoming SMS is free with since most chat conversation occur on a ratio of 1:1.  This leaves 400 outgoing SMS and the cost of an SMS Phone number.  Checking pricing at the phone number would cost you $0.65USD per month and SMS would cost you $0.0045 per text.  400 X $0.0045 = $1.80/mo.  Grand total cost to you $2.45.  Although you can sell for far under $99/mo it is recommended you sell at least for $99/mo.  This is 97% profit in your pocket per client per month!
I am a stickler about white labels and everything being in my businesses name.
OK.  We have set up TxTDash as a generic portal name.  When TxTDash sends your client an email it will have your company branding on it.  There is one rule of thumb all resellers need to abide by and that TxTDash cannot be represented as a brand.  Resellers cannot create domains around it or use its namesake in advertising.  It is the responsibility of the reseller to name their text chat product on their own.
Just got out of a meeting with a 400 location franchise.  They want this system, like right now, for all their locations.  This is such a huge deal for me upwards of $30K/mo.  I really need to have everything in my businesses name even the generic portal.  How can we do this? 
We have several franchise accounts of our own & this is easy for us to setup in just a few short days, however, to run with a custom portal is $2500 setup then $2000/mo.
I just read online about everything SMS moving to RCS messaging standard.  I have to say I'm a little freaked out that after a year all this business will be dead.  Is this true? 
Yes there alot of articles lately covering the switch from SMS to RCS messaging.  Even though this all sounds scary it will not effect how our system will work with the technology change.
OK, I'm sold on everything you got going on here with TxTDash....very impressed!  I have to put this out there and no ill will intended.  How long do you plan to keep this going & heaven forbid what would happen if your entire staff was run over by truck?
We are not going anywhere or running away from our text chat projects.  We have millions of dollars invested, 1000's of clients and 1000's of resellers on other products we made.  We do have contingency in place to make sure this all continues for well into the future.
Seems like every offer from every guru they sell us good software but as technology demands grows there wares stagnate, no updates ever after initial launch.  How are you guys different?
1st off we are not gurus, we are not building lists and don't have interest in mailing you offers every day/week/month.  We make our money from our own B2B and B2R.  As for the technology, we have a full time staff of 20 programmers worldwide on our projects working daily.  As for TxTDash becoming stagnant?   NOT A CHANCE we already have additional modules ready for deployment which we will drip to our resellers to keep the learning curve within reach.  Some of these other features include, Web Chat, Messenger Chat, Staff Notifier and so much more!  You are partnering with the best we can promise you that!
Do you guys have a FB groups so ideas can flourish between resellers?
Been there done that, never again!  There is always a few that ruin it for everyone.  We don't have the patience anymore to police a 24 hour forum.  Believe us, it gets real old getting a call on Christmas Eve night about some idiots post on FB.  You all are welcome to create your own groups and police it but selling to our resellers additional products therein is forbidden.  If we find out you are running a FB group using the hospices of our name to peddle garbage to our resellers, your account will be terminated along with all your clients in it and a trademark compliant filed with FB.
Just bought, forgive me, I'm a bit confused.  There are like 3 brands with you guys, Am I in over my head with this and all these moving parts?
It's real simple and I can dispel any concerns with this.  When you buy your payment will show you paid CaMic LLC, this is our business name setup with PayPal.  Once you have paid the name is only synonymous with your payment(s) to us.   TxTDash is the name of our reseller and chat portal where you will be running your business. is the wholesale SMS service that makes TxTDash happen.  Once you setup TxTria once you almost never need to return there as TxTDash communicates with TxTria inside the TxTDash Reseller center.

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The time is NOW to take your Agency or Online Business to new heights with our battle tested text chat platform.  We took the bumps and bruises over the last 5 years perfecting the system & dropping costs to near ZERO.  Our hard work and muscle has made this one of the most coveted text chat platforms that even the "so-called" competition is running scared.






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